In April 2023, the public bath underwent a renewal.

The bathhouse has been renovated to include an expanded indoor and outdoor bathing area, as well as a newly installed sauna. Visitors can now enjoy the "Amanohashidate Onsen" hot spring, also known for its skin-beautifying properties, in the renovated bathhouse.

Big bath/
Open-air bath
You can enjoy a relaxing and moist hot spring that gently envelops your skin, with views of the changing seasons visible from both the outdoor baths and indoor bathing areas.

The bathhouse features different saunas for men and women, each with their own unique characteristics. Take your time to refresh your mind and body, or indulge in some skin care during your visit.
  • Izanagi no Yu(Men's bath)[ Finnish-style sauna ]
    You can enjoy "Löyly", which is the act of pouring water onto heated sauna stones to generate steam and promote sweating.
  • Izanami no Yu(WoMen's bath)[ Mist sauna ]
    This is a Nano Steam Sauna that is set at approximately 43-45 degrees Celsius and has a high humidity level, allowing you to enjoy a slow and gentle sauna experience without feeling suffocated by the heat.

Amanohashidate Onsen
At the Tenjyukaku Hot Springs, which spring forth from 1,500 meters underground, you can experience a relaxing and moisturizing onsen that gently envelopes your skin. With both indoor and outdoor baths available, you can enjoy views of the changing seasons. This high-quality spring source is also suitable for medicinal use and is known as the "beauty bath," with many satisfied customers commenting on the gentle feel on their skin, which becomes smooth and moist after bathing. The warmth that permeates your body from the core is also pleasant and comforting. After taking your time to soak in the hot spring, you can further relax in the open resting area.
Hot spring ingredients and efficacy
Hot Spring Name : Amanohashidate Onsen
Spring quality : weakly radioactive/iron (Ⅱ)/sodium/chloride spring
Spring Temperature : 32.2C
Helps with : neuralgia/muscle pain/arthralgia/stiff shoulders/motor paralysis/bruising/chronic gastrointestinal disease/hemorrhoids/cold/disease recovery/fatigue/cuts /burns/chronic skin diseases