The hotel's hot spring is 100% natural, and we are quite proud of that. The warm spring water relieves cold skin, and from the open-air bath you can see the scenery change with the four seasons from the bathhouse. Amanohashida Onsen, which has a water source 1500m underground, is of good quality. Gentle on skin, it is called "hot water of beauty", and it is very popular with our customers as it moisturizes them during bathing. The body also warms from the core, a comfortable warmth. Relax more restfully after bathing. From 4 PM to 6 PM, the Monjuso Group's special chilled sauce "Kanshichi Chaya" will be available. Enjoy.
Hot Spring Name: Amanohashidate Onsen
Spring Quality weakly radioactive/iron (Ⅱ)/sodium/chloride spring
Spring Temperature 32.2C
Helps with neuralgia/muscle pain/arthralgia/stiff shoulders/motor paralysis/bruising/chronic gastrointestinal disease/hemorrhoids/cold/disease recovery/fatigue/cuts /burns/chronic skin diseases
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