Guests staying at the hotel will be able to dine at the stone kiln restaurant, MON, at the foot of Amanohashidate. The spacious restaurant has an open kitchen. The wall on the canal side has a glass finish with a large opening. From the window you can see Amanohashidate Canal, making it feel as if you are eating in Amanohashidate. Outdoor dining on the terrace is also available (seats limited). Enjoy the chef's cuisine.
*Groups/organizations may be seated in the small/medium banquet rooms or the banquet hall.

Enjoy the fresh taste of the Sea of ​​Japan and rich nature of the seasons. The local Tango fish, local vegetables, special Wagyu beef are particularly good. These dishes are made in a special stone kiln, where the temperature rises up to 500 ° C instantly, which maintains the flavor perfectly; the outside is perfect, the inside plump and juicy. Enjoy the chef's cuisine.

Enjoy the Tajima beef and the sea bream!
With a focus on Tajima beef meeting, we also use the seasonal sea bream for our special stone-grilled meals.

Overcome the hot summer with fresh seafood from the fishing port.
Fresh Tango seasonal specialties such as egg cockles and rock oysters, and basic beef dishes like Tajima beef, are great for a party during the hot summer.

Fall hospitality
Have fresh seasonal ingredients, such as the fall classic matsutake mushrooms! When the mountains turn red with autumn leaves, fresh and delicious ingredients arrive at the hotel. Starting with classic matsutake mushrooms, other delicious items, such as Tajima beef and a variety of seasonal seafood are also available.

Winter only! The king of the Sea of ​​Japan, snow crab!
Amanohashidate in winter is a treasure trove of luxury ingredients! It is full of delicious foods, not only snow crab: amberjack shabu shabu, as well as fugu are also available.

*Please select the contents of your dish from each plan.

The stone kiln restaurant MON stands at the foot of Amanohashidate. The spacious restaurant has an open kitchen. Overlooking Amanohashidate Canal from the window on one side of the wall, it is almost as if it is eating Amanohashidate. Meals on the terrace are also available (seats limited).

*Guests staying at Monjuso can have breakfast and dinner at MON. However, please note that groups with more than five people may be seated at another venue.

We have a wide variety, ranging from Tango sake to wine, shochu, champagne and soft drinks. Monjuso original pine needle juice, Matsuba shochu high, Yura orange shochu high, locally grown organic vegetable juice, etc. are also popular. Tango sake is especially diverse; you can hold a "drinking comparison". We do not just offer sake, but we also have a selection of recommended sake selected by the sake sommelier, Toyohiro Furuta, at our shop.

Drink and compare sake

Monjuso original "pine needle juice"
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