Network MonjusouWiFi

Paaword mnj0772227111

Chie no yu(Large public bath)


There is only face towel for you in the large public bath

Please bring your bath towel from your room.

There is a restroom in the dressing room.

Sauna 14:00~23:00

Located at the back of open-air bath

Fry sauna (male) Mist sauna (female)

※Sauna is unavailable in the morning.

Rest area

Please use ice buckets.

Drinks at the rest area is available till 11:00 pm

Souvenir shop 8:00~21:30

You can purchase Monjuso original products

Please purchase alcohol here.

Smoking zone

All rooms are non-smoking

So please smoke only in the dedicated smoking room

※Smoking room is available 24 hours a day.

Yushinan (Kids space)


Nostalgic kendama and spinning tops are available,so have fun playing with peace of mind.

BAR Lounge



Available in the lobby

Although the number is limited.

You can take it to your room.


Please use safe for your valuables or you may request us to keep.

(We will keep it in our front desk)


It is usually available at your washroom or your living room so please feel free to use it.

Please purchase beverages from the vending machine in front of the

elevator or at the shop (8:00~21:30).


Samue is available in the room

if you need a yukata please let us know.

we have sizes from SS to 3L

※Also available in children’s size (80~150)